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  • Healey Family and People  ( 20 items )

    The personalities who created the Healey and Austin Healey automobile are a special breed.  Following the interruption that World War II had on his life, Donald Healey resumed his lifelong passion ultimatly resulting in a line of automobiles that have become the de-facto benchmark in British Sports Cars.


    In this section of the website we provide profiles on Donald, his sons and the Healey family.  We will also profile the individuals that were key to and had so much influence on the cars produced under the Healey name.

    In addition, over the past 50 years a great following of Healey owners and drivers has emerged uninterrupted and now even spans multiple generations with cars being passed from father to sons and daughters to grandchildren. 

    We in the Austin Healey Club USA call these people enthusiasts, some call them  obssessed, and I am fortunate enough to call many of them friends.

    Tracy Drummond,  President Austin Healey Club USA 

  • General Interest Articles  ( 29 items )

    Articles provided by our members. SEE THE LIST OF ARTICLES BELOW


  • Sprite Overview  ( 7 items )

    The Austin-Healey Sprite was a small open sports car designed by Donald Healey.

    bob-bennett1a.jpg Its release was announced by British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1958. It was a small, low cost sports car designed to fill the hole in the market left by the small pre-war Austin Seven sports cars. The car was designed by the Healey Motor Company within the bounds of their partnership with BMC. It first went on sale at a price of £669.

    It used a tuned version of the Austin A-Series engine and as many other components from existing cars as possible to keep the cost to a minimum.



  • Big Healeys Overview  ( 6 items )

    "BIG" Healeys - 1953-1967

    bt7front.jpgProbably the most recognizable Austin Healey, the 100, 100-6 and 3000 models are referred to as "Big Healeys" by enthuiasts.  Rumoured to be a term Donald Healey used to distinguish the cars from the smallet Sprites.

  • Special Healeys  ( 16 items )

    Here we showcase Healeys that were limited production run or in someway special.

  • Racing Healeys  ( 11 items )

    In this section we hope to collect and create stories and content related to racing Healeys. If you used to or presently campaign a Healey on the track, please share your stories with us.