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An ongoing  multi-part overview of the process of restoring an Austin-Healey as Roger Moment does it. These articles were first published in the Austin-Healey Magazine.  They are in pdf format and can easily be viewed on the screen or downloaded and taken into the workshop for reference.  Here are the first 6 parts, about the halfway point.

Part 1: Look Before You Leap: Organizing Your Restoration   (down load now)

Practical tips on preparing for a complete restoration of your Austin-Healey. 

Part 2: Restoration Tips Part 2 (members only)

An overview of the full restoration project and tips on how to set your own objectives, and plan your project.

Part 3: Restoration Tips Part 3 (members only)

How to organize your workspace for maximum efficiency, organize and store the bits that come off the car, acquire the tools you'll need for the restoration, and support the car safely as you work on it.

Part 4: Restoration Tips Part 4 (members only)

Now that we're ready to start the actual process of restoration, this article discusses the basics of disassembling the car so that when you reach the assembly stage, everything will go smoothly. 

Part 5: Restoration Tips Part 5 (members only)

This article provides an overview of the entire disassembly process, then goes into detail on tips for disassembling the more difficult parts of the rear of the car, and then discusses removal of the windscreen, grille, dashboard, and front body panels.

Part 6: Restoration Tips Part 6 (members only)

Much of the work on a Healey restoration can be done by one person working alone. But when it comes to removing the engine and transmission, you'll need a little help from your friends. Above all, at this stage, safety should come first, last, and always. Here are some tips.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 18 November 2007 )
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