99 Tech Articles Added

A collaboration from years back, there was once an effort to scan and compile a Tech Book for hard binding and possibly for a DVD to be provided to our members. Much work was done and spanning a 4 to 5 year period, hundreds of articles were scanned and OCR'ed, the graphics captured and documents formatted and sorted into catagories. The current Board was able to obtain the archived data as a collection of work yet to be finalized.  Picking up where the original effort left off, we reworked, resorted and converted these articles into files for this site's Tech Info Members Section.  Wanting to share this resource with our members, the articles have now been republished on this site. 

Thanks go out to the original volunteer Project Team:

  • John Klimaszewski
  • Bob Humphries
  • Don Lenschow
  • Gerard Chateauvieux
  • Denny Yost
  • Scott Helms
  • Joe Catudal
  • Ted McManus
  • Al Roberts
  • Phil Houck
  • John Tiffany

Thanks to Melody and Bill Emerson at the Healey Museum for their help and safekeeping of this great information.

Involved in the web project were  Technical Editors

  • Dave Russell
  • Roger Moment 

Enjoy.  View them, print them from the Members Area, Tech Info

Tracy Drummond

President AHCUSA