A direct descendant of the original Austin-Healey Club, the Austin Healey Club USA (AHCUSA) is a collection of individual members.  The AHCUSA club provides a resource to individual Austin Healey owners and enthusiasts.  Our members commonly belong to multiple clubs,  local, national and international.  We base our magazine content mix and subject types based upon our individual members feedback and comments.

cover-10and11-2008Since the time of the club's beginnings as a chapter of the original Austin-Healey Club based in England, and championed by Brian "Bic" Healey, the AHCUSA has become independent and has grown to include Healey enthusiasts from around the world including 29 different countries and nearly every US state. The USA part of our name has actually become a misnomer given our international mix of membership.


To share our knowledge of, interest in, and enthusiasm for Healey marque automobiles; to stimulate interest in and foster appreciation for Healey marque automobiles; and to help our members to maintain, enjoy and preserve Healey marque automobiles, we unite to form the Austin-Healey Club USA.