The Austin-Healey Club USA is a direct descendant of the original Austin-Healey Club formed in 1961 and sponsored by the British Motor Corporation. From 1961 to 1968, BMC published Safety Fast magazine as the official publication of the club. Austin-Healey owners around the world were united by their club membership and Safety Fast magazine.

safety fast 2 However, in 1968 BMC withdrew support, ceased publication of Safety Fast, and turned over all club materials to Brian "Bic" Healey, one of Donald Healey's sons. Bic became General Secretary of the Austin-Healey Club.

In the months following the withdrawal of factory support, and with Bic Healey's assistance, a group of enthusiasts in California formed a club and held their inaugural meeting in January 1970. The club was initially named the "San Jose Austin-Healey Club."

However, word of the club's existence soon spread, and by the end of the club's first year it had opened membership to enthusiasts across the continent, thus becoming the first national club for Austin-Healeys in this country.

The club name was changed to "Austin-Healey Club, Pacific Centre" to follow the British pattern of naming club chapters "centres," and reflecting the club's west coast origin.

healey highlights Healey Highlights Magazine The club's publication, known from 1970 to 1986 as Healey Highlights, became a leading source of information and assistance for Austin-Healey owners across the continent.

In 1987, the name of the club publication was changed to Austin-Healey Magazine to reflect its transition from a newsletter to a magazine.

In 1997, the name of the club was changed to Austin-Healey Club USA to better reflect the club's continent-wide scope.

Since the time of the club's beginnings as a chapter of the original Austin-Healey Club based in England, the club has become independent and has grown to include Healey enthusiasts from around the world.