Austin-Healey 3000
1959 - 1961
Series BT7 and BN7

ImageThis is perhaps the best-known Healey - the "Three Thousand." Like the 100-6, it came in two variants: the BT7 Series (10,825 built) which was the four-seater, and the BN7 Series (2,825 built) which was the two-seater. Made from 1959 to 1961, this model represents the heyday of Austin-Healeys when they were being driven to impressive victories and class wins on the European road rally circuit and generally grabbing the attention and imagination of sports car enthusiasts worldwide.

ImageThe 3000 - also sometimes called "Mark I" to differentiate it from the later 3000 Mark II and 3000 Mark III models that followed it - had a larger, improved engine from that of its 100-6 predecessor. Capacity was upped to 2912 cc where it remained for the rest of big Healey production. Additionally, the front brakes were changed from drum type to disks, another change that remained for the rest of big Healey production. However, in appearance the 3000 is indistinguishable from the 100-6, save for the badges.

As with the 100-6, many people prefer the lines of the two-seater (Series BN7) and this is usually reflected in the prices.

Upside: Still the same tremendously handsome car as the 100-6, but with a bigger, better engine; widely recognized as a defining model of the marque with a distinguished competition history; good support and parts availability.

Downside: Weather protection is still lacking; creature comforts are still few.

Bottom line: An excellent choice for those who want the classic Healey roadster experience. Can't go wrong.