Austin-Healey Sprite Mark V and Austin Sprite
1969 - 1971
Series HAN10 and AAN10

The Sprite Mark V is virtually unknown in the USA since it was never imported there. It is also virtually the same car as the Mark IV, but with very minor updates and produced only for the "Home Market" (the UK). Just 1411 examples were produced in its short production run. It was also followed by an Austin Sprite (no "Healey" in the name), produced in the first half of 1971 after British Leyland's contract to use the name "Healey" had run out. Only 1022 examples were produced.

These models represent the phase-out of the Sprite in favor of its twin brother the MG Midget, production of which continued through 1979. For practical purposes the Sprite Mark V and Austin Sprite are the same car as the Sprite Mark IV.

Upside: Still a great fun-to-expense ratio, and still easy to maintain. Everyone loves them. Still a large and vital spare parts and aftermarket support base in place. Available for less money than a Bugeye, while delivering the same great driving experience and with more power. Good weather protection (although nobody said perfect).

Downside: Perhaps too cramped for taller drivers and passengers. Often mistaken for an MG Midget, if that bothers you. Virtually never found outside the UK. Although really the same car, many consider the Austin Sprite as having lost its luster when it lost the Healey name.

Bottom line: For all that, they are still classic Sprites.